Friday, September 11, 2009

HPD I-Cards Available Online

Check out the HPD I-Card for the building, now available for free download on the HPD Website.

This is a great way to get useful historical information for Multiple Dwellings in the City. This comes in especially handy for old buildings with little or no DOB Actions/Filings, which I commonly find to be the case for brownstones in Brooklyn.

You might need this information if you need to prove the existing legal use/occupancy of a building. Or, if you need to know the Multiple Dwelling Classification of an old building.

Sometimes there are even schematic plans of the building on the I-Card, which can be useful in proving the 'Existing Legal Layout' of an unaltered building to a Plan Examiner when no DOB-approved plans are on file.

Follow these steps:
Go to the
HPD Website Home Page

Enter the address of the property in the light blue search box:

If the property is found in HPD's Database, there will be a series of links listed on the left side of the page. Towards the bottom, there is a link 'I-Card Images'. Click on it:

If an I-Card is found, it will be listed towards the bottom of the page with a link that says 'View'. Click on it. You may need to install a plug-in when prompted:

That's it, you should see the I-Card, which you can print on your printer, or print to Adobe PDF & save to your computer.

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