Thursday, May 18, 2006

Old Code Class 1-Fireproof Construction

Q: What is the Definition of Old Code Class 1-Fireproof Construction?

A: Walls and Structural members are made of incombustible materials with the following minimum Fire Resistive Ratings:

4 Hours:Exterior Walls, Fire Walls, Party Walls, Piers, Columns, Girders carrying columns.

3 Hours:Other Girders, Fire Partitions, Floors including their Beams and Girders, Beams, Roofs, and Floor Fillings, Required Stairway enclosures (other than in Schools and structures under 100' high).

2 Hours:Exterior Panel Walls, Exterior Bearing Walls in Private Dwellings 35' or less in ht, and Required Stairways in Schools and structures less than 100' in height.

Permanent interior partitions shall be constructed of incombustible materials. The degree of fire resistance of other construction features in Fireproof Structures and acceptable materials shall be as per Article 11.