Friday, November 16, 2007

Asbestos ACP-5 Exemptions

Replacement of a Rooftop Air Conditioner with no change to Ductwork is exempt from the filing of an Asbestos Report ACP-5.

I am filing my alteration with the NYC Department of Buildings for Permit Issuance. Are there any types of alterations that are exempt from the filing of an ACP-5 Asbestos Report? If so, what is the list of exempted items?

A: As per a previous post, Buildings filed with the DOB after April 1, 1987 do not require an Asbestos Investigation (ACP-5). In addition, the following items are exempt:

Accessory Parking
Candy or News Stands
Change of Use, Legalization, or Certificate of Occupancy requiring No Work
Concrete Work (Exterior)
Curb Cuts
Debris Chutes, where chute will not be used for Asbestos-Containing Materials
Demolition of 1 story Garages, maximum capacity 2 cars, NOT supplied with Water Lines
Elevator Equipment (not including construction and enclosure of Elevator Shaft)
Emergency Power NOT involving hard wiring (i.e. Battery Packs)
Finish Material Installation
Fire Escape Installation
Interior Non-Bearing Partition Installation involving NO penetration of Hung Ceiling
Legalization of Demolition Work which occurred prior to 4/1/1987
Parapet Walls
Radio Antennas (Towers)
Relocating Parking Lot Sheds
Retaining Walls
Roof Decks not anchored to Building Structure
Rooftop Air Conditioning Replacement, not involving modification or Removal of Duct Work
Scaffolding (Exterior)
Sidewalk Cafes
Sidewalk Elevators
Sidewalk Sheds, Bridges, and Fences
Storefront Installation in Existing Masonry Openings
Subdivision of an existing Tax Lot
Temporary Structure Erection (trailers, shanties, etc), supplied with Electric and Water Lines only
Underpinning of Buildings
Water Tank Replacement (Exterior)
Zoning Lot Reapportionment

This information was compiled from DOB OPPN's 1/87, 10/87, and 1/88.

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