Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Projecting Balconies

Richard Meier's New Building on Prospect Park showing a nice use of Projecting Balconines beyond the Street Line

Q: Can a Balcony Project beyond the FRONT LOT LINE or STREET LINE? If so, how far?

A: As per the NYC 1968 Building Code, Balconies, including their railings and supporting brackets, may project up to 22 inches beyond the STREET LINE. There are also many Zoning Regulations to consider for Balconies. In most cases, Balconies must be located at or higher than the floor level of the third story of a Building or at least 20 feet above CURB LEVEL. The aggregate length of Balconies cannot exceed 50% of the length of the Building Wall from which they project.

Check the Zoning Regulations for additional Balcony requirements.

Ref: Building Code Section 27-313
Zoning Resolution Section 23-13