Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Roof Access for Interior Stairs

Q: When is it required for INTERIOR STAIRS to provide Roof Access?

A: Interior Stairs shall provide Roof Access as follows:

-At least one Interior Stair shall provide Roof Access in buildings or building sections greater than 3 stories or 40' high, when the roof has a slope of less than twenty degrees. Access to setback roof areas may be through a door or window opening to the roof. Interior stairs extending to roofs shall be enclosed in bulkheads of fire-resistant construction.

-All Interior Stairs in buildings classified in J-1 (Transient Residential) or J-2 (Permanent Residential, 3 or more Dwelling Units), which are more than 2 stories in height, with a roof having a slope of 15 degrees or less, shall provide Roof Access, except where the Stair terminates at a Setback Roof. Stairs shall extend to the roof in bulkheads of fire-resistive construction. Stairs terminating at the level of a setback roof shall provide access to the setback roof areas through a door except where the setback is less than 4' in width and less than 10' in length, as measured from the inside of the parapet wall.

-In buildings or in building sections classified in occupancy group J-1 two stories in height and in occupancy group J-2 three stories in height with not more than one dwelling unit per story with roofs having a slope of fifteen degrees or less, access to the roof shall be provided through a scuttle at least 21" in width and 28" in length. Scuttles shall be located within each stair enclosure with a stationary iron ladder leading to them.

Reference 1968 NYC Building Code Section: 27-375(k) for full details