Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Pool Permits?

Q: Where can I find the Department of Health Permit Requirements and Applications for an Indoor or Outdoor Pool, Jacuzzi, with or without a Sauna and/or Steam Room?

A: Pool Permits are reviewed by the NYC Department of Health-Office of Public Health Engineering, 2 Lafayette Street, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10007, tel:212-676-1520, Fax 212-676-1517.

Under the NYS Sanitary Code, Chapter 1, Subpart 6-1, and Article 165 of NYC Health Code, no Municipality, School District, Person, Group of Pertons, Firm, Corporation, Association, Organization or Institution shall install or construct a Bathing Establishment in the City of New York without an appropriate permit issued by the New York City Department of Health.

Pool Waste Water must be disposed of through the New York City sewer system. Permission/Approval for subsurface connection and disposal system must be obtained from the NYC Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). Once permission is granted, a copy of Permission Letter to the Applicant will be forwarded by NYC DEP to the Bureau of Public Health Engineering.

For information on the NYC DEP Application Requirements, please contact:

Herbert Kass, P.E., Chief
New York City Department of Environmental Protection
Bureau of Water Supply and Wastewater Collection
59-17 Junction BoulevardCorona, NY 11368
Tel: 718-595-5330

If underwater lights are to be installed in the Pool, an approval letter from the New York City Department of Buildings is required. For information contact:
Edward Solomon, P.E.Chairman, Advisory Board
New York City Department of Buildings
1 Centre Street, Room 1415
New York, NY 10007 Tel: 212-669-8673

A Certificate of Occupancy from New York City Department of Buildings showing the specific usage on the corresponding floor is required (A Temporary Certificate of Occupancy is also acceptable).

The Permit Approval Process is comprised of three parts:
-Part I, Plan Review and Approval
-Part II, Construction Inspection
-Part III, Permit Review and Issuance

An approval of the permit will be granted when the pool is designed, constructed, and completed in accordance with:

-Article 165, New York City Health Code
-Other requirements which the Bureau of Public Health Engineering may determine are necessary to adequately review and approve the permit

The Permit Application Fee is $1,980 in a check made payable to the New York City Department of Health.