Friday, September 14, 2007

What is an IMD or Interim Multiple Dwelling?

Q: What is an IMD or Interim Multiple Dwelling? What does this mean?

A: An IMD or Interim Multiple Dwelling is a non-residential building that has been occupied as a Residential Building, without a CO for Residential apartments. IMD's must be converted to legal Multiple Dwellings in accordance with the Loft Board.

From the Loft Board Website:
Loft buildings in New York City that meet the criteria set forth in the Loft Law (Multiple Dwelling Law Article 7-C) are covered by the law as "Interim Multiple Dwellings" (IMDs) and are under the Loft Board's jurisdiction.

Generally speaking, a building that meets the following criteria will be subject to the Loft Law:
1. The building possesses no residential certificate of occupancy pursuant to §301 of the Multiple Dwelling Law;
2. The building was used in the past for manufacturing, commercial or warehousing purposes;
3. There were three or more residential tenants living in separate apartments in the building in the 20-month period between April 1, 1980, and December 1, 1981 (the "statutory window period").

As of February 15, 2007 there are 395 IMD buildings in New York City. There is a list of the IMD Buildings on the Loft Board's Website. Also, the DOB Building Information System (BIS) will list the Property as "Loft Law: YES".