Monday, September 24, 2007

Tent Requirements?

Q: What are the Building Code requirements for Tents?

A: Tents and Air Supported Structures are covered in BC Subchapter 7 Special Uses and Occupancies, Article 19. See this Code Section for the full requirements, some of which are summarized below:

1. Tents and Air Supported Structures shall not exceed One (1) Story in height above the ground or roof they are erected on.
2. Tents shall be at least 20 feet from all Interior Lot Lines.
3. Tents shall be at least 30 feet from any unportected opening, required exterior stairway or corridor, or required exit door in an adjacent building.
4. A Tent may abut another building if there are no unprotected openings in the abutting building's wall, and if the wall of such building is a Fire Division with the required Fire Rating.
5. In addition to the minimum exterior separation distances listed above, Tents shall comply with the Yard Requirements of the applicable Zoning District.
6. The ground enclosed by the Tent and 10' around the Tent shall be cleared and maintained free of all combustible material and vegetation.
7. No Open Flame is permitted within 20' of the Tent enclosure fabric.8. Travel Distance within the tent shall not exceed 75'. Exit doors shall be located in frames so they will remain operational even if the Tent or Air Supported Structure collapses.
9. Tents shall be guyed, supported, and braced to withstand a wind pressure of 10 pounds per square foot of projected area of the tent. The poles and their supporting guys, stays, stakes, fastenings, etc shall resist wind pressure of 20 pounds per square foot of projected area of the Tent.
10. All materials used for Tents shall be treated to be flameproofed.
11. Certificates of Occupacy for Tents shall be issued for a period not exceeding one year, such certificates may be renewed if the Tent continues to comply with all requiredments.