Friday, September 14, 2007

Work Types?

Q: What is a Work Type? Where can I get a comprehensive list of the Work Types? What is required to signoff each Work Type?

A: The NYC Department of Buildings has broken-down Construction Activities into different Scopes of Work which are represented by Work Types. The Work Types are two-letter abbreviations which signify the different scopes of work.

When a DOB Application is prepared, it is necessary to check-off the Work Types you are filing for. When an Alteration Type-II or Alteration Type-III is filed, it is also necessary to specify the Construction Cost of each Work Type on the application.

Below is a list of the DOB Work Types. Note that the Work Types are pre-defined, and cannot be invented by the User. If the Work you are performing cannot be classified under one of the available Work Types, it will be necessary to use the OT (other) Work Type, and to provide a Description of the Other.

Each of the Work Types have unique Approval, Permit, and Signoff requirements associated with them. List of Work Types, as found on the PW-1 or PC-Filing Program:

BL Boiler
EQ Construction Equipment
FA Fire Alarm
FB Fuel Burning
FP Fire Suppression
FS Fuel Storage
MH Mechanical/HVAC
OT Other, General Construction, Structural, Interior Demolition
PL Plumbing
SD Standpipe
SP Sprinkler