Monday, April 24, 2006

Are Exit Signs Required in Residential Apartment Buildings?

Q: Are Exit Signs required at each floor in Residential Apartment Buildings or One-or Two-Family Residences?

A: No. Per BC Section 27-383, the Code makes an exception in the Exit Sign Requirement for Apartment Buildings (J-2) and One- or Two-Family Residences. Exit Signs are not required at each floor in J-2 or J-3 Buildings. See below Code Section:
"§27-383 REQUIREMENTS. Except in occupancy groups J-2 and J-3, the location of every exit on every floor and every opening from a room classified in occupancy group J-1 and containing cubicles shall be clearly indicated by exit signs. Such signs shall be placed at an angle with the exit opening if such placement is required for the signs to serve their purpose. In long corridors, in open floor areas, and in all other situations where the location of the exit may not be readily visible or understood, directional signs shall be provided to serve as guides from all portions of the corridor or floor."