Thursday, April 27, 2006

What information is required on a Final Survey?

Q: What information is required on a Final Survey?

A: A Final Survey is required by the NYC Department of Buildings as part of the Final Certificate of Occupancy process. Final Surveys are required for New Buildings and for vertical or horisontal building additions. They may be waived by the Commissioner for small structures (see Code Section below). The Final Survey must be prepared, signed & sealed by a Licensed Land Surveyor. It must be reviewed and certified by the New Building Architect or Engineer of Record.

The purpose of the Final Survey is to ensure that the building complies with bulk regulations (since this cannot be done by the DOB Inspector at the site), does not encroach onto adjacent property lines, has proper grading at the sidewalk, has proper storm drainage, has the required amount of street trees, etc.

The NYC Building Code specifies the plan requirements for Final Surveys in BC Section
§ 27-219, excerpted below:

"27-219 Applications for Certificates of Cccupancy:

All applications for Certificates of Occupancy shall be submitted on forms furnished by the department. Each application shall be accompanied by an accurate and complete lot survey made by a licensed surveyor showing the location of any new building and/or any extension to an existing building, the elevation of the first tier of beams or the first floor, the finished grades of all open spaces on the lot, the location and controlling grades of watercourses, paved swales and similar above grade methods of storm water disposal when permitted by this code, the locations of all catch basins on the property, the established curb level, and the location of all other structures and impervious surfaces, as defined in subdivision (a) of section P110.2 of reference standard RS-16, on the lot. Such lot survey shall also show the location and boundaries of the lot or plot upon which such buildings and structures are located. The commissioner may waive the requirement of such survey in the case of small sheds, stands, signs, and similar small structures. In addition, prior to the issuance of a certificate of occupancy the department shall confirm by inspection that all work relating to the installation of the part of the storm water drainage system which shall lie outside of such property, if and as required by section 24-526 of this code, has been satisfactorily completed."