Thursday, April 20, 2006

General Contractor's DOB Tracking Number

Q: What are the minimum Insurance Certificate requirements to establish a General Contractor's Tracking Number? What is the format accepted by the Department of Buildings? Where is the information submitted?

A: Insurance Certificates must be submitted for Worker's Compensation and Disability Insurance to obtain a General Contractor Tracking Number. They may be submitted in any DOB Borough Office. Certificates must be originals. DOB must be listed as Certificate Holder. New Building and Construction Fence Work Permits require Street Obstruction Bond and Liability Insurance Certificates in addition to the above.

If the individual is a sole practitioner and claims he/she does not require Worker's Compensation or Disability Insurance because they have no employees, then a WC/DB100 Form (Affidavit for NY Business that does not require Worker's Compensation and/or Disability) must be submitted in lieu of the required insurances. The form must be sealed by the Worker's Compensation Board. If the GC is out-of-state, then a DB101 Form is required.