Monday, April 17, 2006

No CO on file

Q: I am filing for Alterations to an exisitng building which requires an Amendment to the Certificate of Occupancy. However, the existing building has no Certificate of Occupancy (CO) on file. What is required?

A: For Buildings three stories or less, a new Certificate of Occupancy is required. For Buildings over 3 stories, refer to DOB Memorandum dated July 13, 1981; Item 19: Temporary or Final Certificates of Occupancy for Buildings (exceeding 3 stories) without a Prior Certificate of Occupancy. The following are required:A. The changed use shall not exceed 20% of the total floor area of the building.B. All of the requirements set forth in the DOB memorandum are to be complied with.C. If over six (6) stories in height, there is an operating Standpipe System.D. If either Fireproof or, if not, there is an operating Sprinkler System throughout the entire building.E. Two (2) independent means of egress are available on each floor to all of the tenants, conforming with applicable law.