Monday, April 17, 2006

Regular Review versus Professional Certification

Q: What is the diffrerence between Regular Review and Professional Certification? What is Professional Certification of Objections?

A: Regular Review is when the DOB Plan Examiner reviews the plans, and issues approval or Objections which must be resolved by the Archtect or Engineer prior to approval.
Professional Certification is when the Architect or Engineer assumes the role of DOB Plan Examiner by Certifying that their plans & applications comply with the Building Code and Zoning Resolution. The Architect is liable for the accuracy of this statement.
The DOB audits about 20% of the Professionally Certified applications (randomly), and reviews them after issuance of the Work Permit to verify compliance. If a non-compliance is issued, a Letter of Revocation is issued, and the project may be placed on hold until the Audit is resolved. Lack of resolution may result in the permit being revoked.

Refer to DOB OPPN 7/1995. Some details have changed since the issuance of this initial document. Refer to DOB OPPN 1/04 for the updates.