Monday, April 24, 2006

My Professionally Certified Application was Audited!

Q: I filed my application as Professionally Certified. The Application was Audited and Objections were issued. What is the process to resolve? Or, my Work Permits were already revoked & I need them to be reinstated.

A: If Audit Objections were issued, they will need to be addressed or the Work Permits could be revoked by DOB. If the Permits have already been revoked, but you are able to demonstrate that the Objections can be removed (eg: you have obtained a Reconsideration that addresses the Objections), the following procedure is to be followed, per DOB reg's:

1. Prepare a Post Approval Amendment (PAA) PW-1 (an original and two copies). In the comments section, state "This PAA is filed to answer the Audit Objections". If amended drawings are involved also list them in Section #16. FOR A REVOKED APPLICATION, a PAA to Reinstate the application must also be filed and the required fees paid.

2. See the DOB Audit Examiner with the PAA. The Audit Examiner will note on the PW-1 that it is OK to Lift the Hold so that the document can be entered.

3. Go to the Borough Commissioner's Office ahd have them lift the Hold on the application. This will enable the applicant or Filing Rep to enter the PAA Document. Make sure a copy of this document is put in the DOB Job Folder.

4. Bring a copy of the PAA to the Borough Manager's Office so that the PAA Document can be entered.

5. When all of the above items are completed, and the PAA Document has been entered in BIS, make an appointment with the DOB Audit Examiner so that the document that was originally audited and the PAA to answer the Audit Objections can be ACCEPTED in the Computer.

6. The Auditor will then take the DOB Folder to the Borough Commissioner;'s Office and they will send out a LETTER OF RECISSION, signifying that the Audit has been lifted.